Sell Your Old Gold The Smart Way with Muthoot Gold Point

Selling your gold for cash or others can be a difficult task for inexperienced sellers. It is always advisable to explore the gold buying-selling market for a better understanding of the process. But if you don’t want to get into this hassle, it is best to reach out to Muthoot Gold Point. We have years of experience and trust in dealing in gold and offer you the best rate when you sell your gold. The value of your jewellery is estimated using scientific machines that leave no room for error. Once estimated, you would know the precise price of your net gold, workmanship, artistic value, and embedded gems for the piece as a whole.

Here is how to sell your gold the smart way with Muthoot Gold Point:

1. Know the value of your gold

Many buyers still use the traditional acid test to determine the value of gold. Re-selling your gold can be challenging when you depend on outdated and imprecise valuation methods. To help you in this process, Muthoot Gold Point uses X-ray fluorescence technology (XRF), the international standard adopted by the gold refining industry. This method is precise and gives you an exact idea of the pure metal content in your item/s. Most local shops tend to mislead you by deducting a huge amount in wastage charges, melting charges, and many others. This results in you getting only 60-65% of the value of your gold. So, it is important that you visit Muthoot Gold Point to get the right value of your gold.

2. Check the purity of gold before selling.

Always check the purity of your gold before selling. Most gold jewelry have the hallmark sign nowadays. If your gold jewelry has 916 hallmarks, it determines that it has 22-carat gold. The purity of your gold is denoted by this 916, which means 91.6 grams of purified gold per 100-gram alloy. You also need to verify the current market price of gold, as it is mostly unstable. Muthoot Gold Point helps you in this process by guiding you with the selling of your gold and to know it’s estimated selling value. You can also check out the way vintage pieces are auctioned and their eligibility, if thinking of selling vintage pieces. Always ask the experts before even considering selling your gold for cash.

The process of selling gold at Muthoot Gold Point

Selling your gold at Muthoot Gold Point is quick and convenient. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Visit your nearest Gold Point with your gold and KYC documents. Locate it here.
  2. The gold is cleaned by ultrasonic machines.
  3. The value, weight and purity of the gold is estimated using XRF machines.
  4. Based on the above data, the amount is evaluated as per the current market price of gold.
  5. Once agreed by both parties, the amount is handed over to you if it is below Rs 10,000. If more, it is transferred into you bank account instantly.

For gold sellers in Bangalore, Muthoot Gold Point offers an easier way. We present India’s first Mobile Gold Van that visits your home with all our scientific machines. No need to step out of your home to sell your gold. Call us at 90720 31234 to know more about the Mobile Gold Van!

In conclusion

Selling gold in India is not a new practice – many generations have gone down that lane for quick cash during any financial crisis. With the current global economic situation, it is wise to sell your unused gold jewellery during a cash crunch. But it is important to go through the above-mentioned points to get the right value of your gold. Muthoot Gold Point has been a trusted gold buyer in Bangalore and other cities, that has catered to thousands of gold sellers over the years. Visit our website and submit your enquiry today!

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