Sell Your Gold in Vijayawada For Instant Cash at Muthoot Gold Point

Financial emergencies call for immediate solutions. Unlike the most prominent option of personal loans, gold loans offer you flexibility with affordable interest rates. At Muthoot Gold point, we address your needs with quality and professionalism. Unlike other gold buyers in Vijayawada, our advanced XRF machines perform precise quality and purity tests right in front of you. We also assure our clients' instant payment up to Rs.10,000 in cash. Higher amounts are transferred through bank transactions when you sell gold in Vijayawada with us.

What Are Some Interesting Facts about Gold in Vijayawada?

Being a commercial hub, Vijayawada is one of the best places to buy and sell gold. Facts about gold available in India are:

  • That most of it is imported.
  • The price depends on the trends of the global market.

Being aware of these gold facts, we offer the current rate in the market for gold. All our clients thus receive the highest cash for gold in Vijayawada.

How Can We Check Purity of Gold In Vijayawada?

One of the traditional methods of gold purity testing involved rubbing it with a touchstone. Devoid of any technological means for cleansing the melting gold cost was deducted directly from the actual value. However, at Muthoot Gold Point, we assure our client a 100% transparent process through high-tech gold purity machines. Our ultrasonic cleaning and XRF machines provide the best gold purity check. Thus we provide the highest value for gold among other gold buyers in Vijayawada.

How to Sell Old Gold Jewelry for Cash in Vijayawada?

Gold is the easiest collateral available to pledge. With several old and established gold buyers in Vijayawada, choosing the best buyer can surely prove to be a stumper.

Hence the question arises what makes Muthoot Gold Point different?

With a transparent process, the Muthoot Gold point assures every client the actual value to the gold pledged. Every gold collateral goes through ultrasonic cleaning and an advanced gold valuation process. We also use the current market value of gold for determining the final cash for gold. Our walk-in branches for cash for gold in Vijayawada addresses all client needs in a swift and efficient process.

Gold Rate in Vijayawada

Gold is a traditional investment; a practice followed in almost all of our households. Being the commercial hub of Andhra Pradesh, the gold rates in Vijayawada are highly competitive.

What are the things to consider before Selling gold in Vijayawada?

  • Purchase document

Having your purchase document handy can often help you through the disputes that arise on gold purity.

  • Check across buyers

As each buyer has their standardised procedure for gold valuation, obtaining four or five quotes can help you compare. Choose the buyer who offers the highest gold rate in Vijayawada for your collateral.

Before selling your gold, cross-check on the following rates:

  • Gold rate in Vijayawada today
  • 24-carat gold rate in Vijayawada today
  • 22-carat gold rate in Vijaywada today

Why Should You Choose Muthoot Gold Point to Sell Gold in Vijayawada?

Monetising gold for immediate financial aid is a common practice followed in India. Hence scrutiny is required to receive the best benefits from the gold pledged. There are several gold buyers in Vijayawada; but here is why Muthoot Gold Point stands out to sell gold for cash in Vijayawada.

  • Transparency

Following a customer-centric process, the gold loan processing in Muthoot Gold Point is highly transparent.

  • Technologically advanced methods for purity checking and evaluation

The Ultrasonic machines employed, cleanses the dirt from gold and the XRF machines determine the weight and purity of gold precisely. Also, all these processes are performed in the client's presence.

  • Walk-in branches

Muthoot Gold has 11 walk-in branches across the country. The walk-in office of Vijaywada eases the entire process for clients of the city.

  • Instant cash

Clients are assured instant cash payment upto Rs 10,000. Higher amounts are transferred to the client's account through bank transactions. Muthoot Gold Point also ensures that all clients receive the invoices for the purchases exchanged.

Where Can I Sell Gold for Cash in Vijayawada

If you have been searching for a ‘gold selling shop near me’, we are old gold buyers here to serve you. Pay us a visit at our Muthoot Gold Point branch near you!
Ground floor, Door No–27-14-59, Rajagopalachari Street ( East), Governorpet, Vijayawada – 520002, Andhra Pradesh.
Phone: 0866-2973535

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The Muthoot Pappachan Group, with a reputation that has been shaped over decades with high quality practices, total customer satisfaction and steady growth, spanning decades in the field of business, is a legacy built on God-given values of trust, truth, transparency and tradition and has become one of the top business houses today by the grace of God.

More then 4,200 Branches across India

Over 4,200 Branches across India

132 + years of Legacy

133+ years of legacy

Over 24,000 Employees Serving Millions of Customer

Over 24,000 employees serving millions of customer

Walk in of over 1,00,000 Customers Per Day

Walk in of over 1,00,000 customers per day

Sachi Jonega Testimonials on Muthoot Gold Point

My mother and I have sold some very old gold over the past few months to three different organizations. One was a branch of an old established famous Jeweller in Mumbai while two were only buyers of gold. Of these, our experience with Muthoot Gold Point has been by far the best. We were impress.. আরও পড়ুন


Vijay Sharma Testimonial on Muthoot Gold Point

আমি আমার বাড়ি নির্মাণের জন্য কিছু গহনা বিক্রি করতে চেয়েছিলাম - আমার ঠিকাদার আমাদের প্রতারণা করেছিল। আমি একটি সরকারী বাসে এমজিপি বিজ্ঞাপনটি দেখলাম এবং আমার খুব প্রয়োজন হওয়ায় তাদের সাথে দেখা করার সিদ্ধান্ত নিই। আমার এর আগে সোনা বিক্রি করার অভিজ্ঞতা ভাল ছিল না। তবে, এমজিপি-র বিক্রয়কর্মীরা বসে ত.. আরও পড়ুন


Shri Narayan Testimonials on Muthoot Gold Point

আমি কখনই মুথুট গোল্ড পয়েন্টকে ভুলতে পারিনা। আমি যদি সঠিক সময়ে এমজিপি সম্পর্কে জানতে না পারতাম তবে আমাকে হয়ত সবকিছু হারাতে হতে পারত। পরিবার এবং ব্যবসার ক্ষেত্রে, যখন আপনার সবচেয়ে বেশি প্রয়োজন হয় তখনই আপনার কাছে অর্থ কম থাকে। এইসময়ে, যদি আপনার জমি, বাড়ি বা রুপো ও সোনা বিক্রি করার সুযোগ থাকে ত.. আরও পড়ুন


আমি আমার বড় ছেলের ইঞ্জিনিয়ারিং কলেজের জন্য গত বছরের ফি দিতে চেয়েছিলাম, কিন্তু আমার কাছে পর্যাপ্ত টাকা ছিল না। আমার স্ত্রী আমাকে বছরের পর বছর ধরে যেসমস্ত রৌপ্যমুদ্রা এবং সোনার গহনা সংগ্রহ করেছিলেন তা বিক্রি করতে বলেছিলেন। আমরা স্থানীয় কয়েকটি দোকানে যাই আর অত্যন্ত হতবাক হয়ে যাই- ওরা সোনার মূল্যের.. আরও পড়ুন

বিজয় শর্মা

Amar Singh Testimonial on Muthoot Gold Point

আমার বাবার যখন জরুরি বাই-পাসের দরকার হয়েছিল তখন আমি আমার সমস্ত গহনাগুলি সরাসরি এমজিপিতে নিয়ে গিয়েছিলাম। আমি এর আগেও তাদের সাথে ডিল করেছি। চার বছর আগে আমার পার্লার স্থাপনের জন্য তাদের কাছ থেকে আমি প্রথমবার ঋণ নিয়েছিলাম। ভাগ্যক্রমে, আমি টাকাটি শোধ করতে এবং আমার সোনাও ফিরে পেয়েছিলাম। ডাক্তার আমাক.. আরও পড়ুন

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I sell my gold to Muthoot Gold Point in Vijayawada?

You can quickly sell gold for cash in Vijayawada by visiting Muthoot Gold Point, one of the most reliable gold buyers in Vijayawada, rather than old gold buyers in Vijayawada.

How Muthoot Gold Point Determines the Price of Old Gold in Vijayawada?

You can sell gold for cash in Vijayawada at Muthoot Gold Point. We will clean the dirt of old gold, keeping the valuation unaffected, unlike other old gold buyers in Vijayawada.

How do I sell old jewellry and unwanted gold in Vijayawada?

Sell old and unwanted gold for cash in Vijayawada to Muthoot Gold Point. We are one of the most trusted gold buyers in Vijayawada with the necessary billing.

How much do gold buyers pay per gram in Vijayawada?

If you have decided to sell gold for cash in Vijayawada, Muthoot Gold Point will pay based on the current rate applicable to gold buyers in Vijayawada.

Do I Need to Submit any Document to Sell Gold in Vijayawada?

If you want to sell gold for cash in Vijayawada at Muthoot Gold Point, you would need to present any of the following documents-

  • Passport
  • Driving /license
  • Voter ID/ Election ID
  • Aadhaar Card

You are also requested to carry your invoice or bill of the jewellery, though it is not mandatory.

How Gold Buyers in Vijayawada to Check the Purity of Gold Ornaments?

Gold buyers in Vijayawada like Muthoot Gold Point will use advanced XRF machines to check the purity of your gold. Contact us when selling gold for cash in Ahmedabad.

Is it better to sell gold at a Gold Buyers Company in Vijayawada?

Instead of selecting old gold buyers in Vijayawada to sell gold for cash in Vijayawada, you can sell gold to Muthoot Gold Point, the most trusted gold buyers company in Vijayawada.

Where is Nearest Branch of Muthoot Gold Point In Vijayawada?

You can sell gold for cash in Vijayawada by visiting the branch of Muthoot Gold Point, one of the trusted buyers in Vijayawada at Door No–27-14-59, Rajagopalachari Street Governorpet, 520002.

Do I Need to Visit Muthoot Gold Points Vijayawada Branch to Sell my Old Gold?

Yes, it is essential to visit your nearby branch of Muthoot Gold Point, to evaluate the gold to sell gold for cash in Vijayawada.

Can I Sell my Gold Without Bill at Muthoot Gold Point in Vijayawada

Having a valid bill is preferred to sell gold for cash in Vijayawada at Muthoot Gold Point, one of the best gold buyers in Vijayawada, unlike old gold buyers. However, we also understand that it may not be possible in some cases.

How Much Gold Can I Sell in Vijayawada?

The government has amended the process to sell gold for cash in Vijayawada for Rs. 10,000 per person per day basis the standard old gold rate in Vijayawada.

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