Understanding The Basics: Taxes on Gold Simplified

Understanding The Basics: Taxes on Gold Simplified

Gold has been an integral part of Indian culture, often symbolising wealth and prosperity and being used as an investment. It is also important to know that assets are subject to taxes whether you buy or sell gold; understanding the associated taxes is important. We are here to unravel the intricate income tax rules for gold purchases and more. This comprehensive guide will delve deep into the different forms of gold and their associated taxes.

Physical Gold Taxation

Physical gold, as the name suggests, is tangible gold, including jewellery, coins, and bullion. Owning such assets has its tax implications when you want to sell gold online in India

Capital Gains Tax: Depending on how long you’ve held onto the gold, you’ll have to pay either short-term or long-term capital gains tax. 

  • Short-Term: If you sell gold online in India within three years of buying it, any profit you make is added to your total income and taxed according to your income tax slab.
  • Long-Term: If you sell your gold after three years, you will be taxed at 20% with the benefit of indexation. 

Wealth Tax: This was earlier imposed on gold jewellery. However, with the abolishment of wealth tax and the introduction of the amended tax on gold jewellery, it’s crucial to stay updated.

Paper Gold Taxation

Paper gold refers to gold in its dematerialised form, like gold ETFs and mutual funds. The taxation here differs slightly from that of physical gold: 

Gold ETFs & Mutual Funds: 

  • Short-Term: Profits from selling these within a year are added to your total income and taxed as per your slab rate.
  • Long-Term: The long-term capital gains tax is 20% for sales after one year with indexation. 

Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB): These have become quite popular due to the additional gold bond interest taxable benefit they offer. 

  • The interest earned on SGB is added to your total income and taxed accordingly.
  • No capital gains tax is levied if SGB is redeemed after maturity.

Digital Gold Taxation

Digital gold offers a modern solution to investing in gold without physically storing it. Here’s how the tax works: 

  • If sold within three years, it’s considered short-term, and profits are taxed according to your income tax slab.
  • Beyond three years, the long-term capital gains tax of 20% with indexation benefits applies.

Gift and Inheritance Tax on Gold

Gifting gold is common in India, especially during weddings and festivals. However, understanding the tax implications of receiving gold as a gift is crucial. Gold received as a gift is tax-free up to INR 50,000 in a financial year. Beyond this limit, the receiver must pay tax according to their income tax slab.
In the case of inheritance, gold received from specified relatives or as part of a will is not taxable. But any income from the sale of this inherited gold is subject to capital gains tax, aligning with the regular tax on gold jewellery and other forms.

Tax Compliance and Documentation for Gold Transactions

The income tax rules for gold purchase and sale in India require particular attention to documentation. Maintaining proper bills and receipts for gold transactions is essential for tax compliance. For purchases exceeding INR 2 lakh, a PAN card must be presented. 

The correct documentation will help during the sale or exchange of gold and if you decide to sell gold online in India. Failing to comply with these rules can result in penalties or legal consequences. Utilising services like Muthoot Gold Point ensures that all transactions follow the legal protocols, making it a smooth experience for both gold jewellery buyers and sellers.

Trading in Gold Online: A Modern Take

While gold has traditionally been sold in physical stores, the digital era offers a platform to sell gold online in India. Recognising this trend, we at Muthoot Gold Point provide a seamless and transparent platform for potential gold jewellery buyers and sellers.


Understanding the nuances of the tax on gold Understanding the tax implications on gold is pivotal for any prudent investor. It’s not just about the purchase bhen you decide to sell or earn income from it. Remember, while gold remains a cherished asset in our culture, being aware of the taxation involved will ensure you make the most of your investment. And if you’re considering selling, always opt for trusted buyers like Muthoot Gold Point for a hassle-free and genuine transaction.

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