Know everything about Rose Gold

Rose Gold: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Are you looking for something unique yet timeless in precious metals? Then rose gold is for you. It is a versatile metal with distinct beauty and charm, used to make a wide range of jewellery that always stays in style and in high demand among gold jewellery buyers. If you want to know more about “what is rose gold“, read this post as it will help customers learn about crucial aspects of rose gold jewellery.

What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is an alloy mix of gold, copper and silver. While copper gives the metal a reddish-pink shade, silver helps to add brightness and reduce the colour intensity of the alloy. The goldsmith can proportionate gold, copper, and silver in rose gold to get the desired hue. The combination of metals impacts the properties of the final product. For instance, 18-carat rose gold combines 75% gold, 22.25% copper, and 2.75% silver. A higher percentage of copper in the mix makes the rosy hue more intense.

What is the Origin and History of Rose Gold?

Rose gold emerged in Russia at the start of the 19th century. Therefore, it is called Russian Gold. Famous jeweller Carl Faberge used it in his ornate creations for the first time, called Fabergé Eggs. Later, the name of this precious metal was changed to Rose Gold. Generally, it is used to make engagement rings and fine jewellery.

What is Special about Rose Gold?

  • The blush pink colour of rose gold makes it a preferred metal for rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.
  • It is highly customisable with its strength and durability. Copper mixed in the alloy makes it harder than pure gold.
  • Jewellery made with rose gold is free from the risk of scratches and dents to a great extent. However, it is still vulnerable to damage from chemicals and heat.

Is Rose Gold Considered Real Gold?

Yes, rose gold is considered real gold. The amount of metals mixed in pure gold affects its final colour and properties. Since pure gold is a very soft metal and bends easily, mixing it with harder metals is necessary to use gold in jewellery making. Mixing copper with 24-carat gold helps rose gold retain its shape and designs as it is.

Is Rose Gold Valuable?

Rose gold is a type of gold whose value depends on the alloy mix used. Since pure gold is too soft and making jewellery with it isn’t easy, it is alloyed with other metals. Depending on the combination and proportion of metals in the mix decide the value of gold. The higher the gold proportion in the mix, the higher the value.

Customers who want to sell their old gold jewellery should find trustworthy gold jewellery buyers.

Is Rose Gold Worth More Than Gold?

Since the gold value is calculated based on its purity and weight, the price of rose gold also depends on the amount of gold used in the alloy.

However, unique colours and styles make rose gold more valuable in terms of aesthetics. Therefore, some customers may have to pay more for rose gold.

Thus, the value of rose gold depends on factors such as gold quality, purity of the gold used and market demand.

You can utilise the gold calculator available at the gold jewellery company’s official website to estimate the value of your old gold and get the best price based on its purity and the current gold price in the market.

How Can You Tell if Rose Gold is Real?

Check if the rose gold jewellery is stamped with its carat value. The higher the carat value, the more gold it consists of.

Real rose gold has a warm, pinkish tone and lustrous shine. Too dull or bright colour is an indication of fake rose gold.

Renowned gold jewellery-buying companies use modern technology to check the quality of your gold and provide the best price considering the real-time gold price.

Does Rose Gold Tarnish or Fade?

Rose gold, as a mix of alloys, has resistance to corrosion and oxidation. However, it can fade over time as it contains other metals also. To keep your rose gold jewellery looking its best for a long time, store it in a soft pouch or jewellery box when not in use.


The modernity of rose gold with a pink blush tone attracts people globally. Whether you need a modern style, vintage-inspired design, or minimalist design, rose gold is an elegant choice. You can utilise rose gold jewellery to compliment your personality. Furthermore, considering the quality of rose gold jewellery is inevitable whether you are buying or selling gold jewellery. You must approach a reputed gold-buying company and utilise the gold calculator to get the best value for your old gold jewellery.

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