What are the Benefits of Selling Gold for Cash at Muthoot Gold Point?

In times of critical needs,  gold is often used as a tool to generate emergency funds. However, it is important to reach a trusted place to get honest, professional treatment and a fair price for gold.

Muthoot Gold Point is one of the most trusted places to sell you gold for instant cash. It’s a precious metal vertical of the 134 years old and trusted Muthoot Pappachan Group. It provides an unmatched experience to all the customers looking to turn gold to cash through a completely transparent and efficient process.

Here’s how you benefit by selling gold for cash at Muthoot Gold Point.

Quick and Simple Process

Muthoot Gold Point offers an easy and hassle-free process of selling gold for cash through a simple five-step procedure:

  1. Reach the nearest Muthoot Gold Point or schedule a visit for Muthoot Gold Point Van at your doorstep and hand over your gold to a Muthoot representative.
  2. The Gold is cleaned through ultrasonic machines to remove the dirt. 
  3. The Gold is checked for weight, purity and value through highly accurate XRF machines.
  4. It is then evaluated as per the current market price.
  5. You are given the amount against your gold instantly. 

If the amount is up to Rs 10,000, it is handed over to the customer in cash. An amount higher than that is immediately transferred to your bank account via NEFT/IMPS/RT.

Honesty and Transparency

At Muthoot Gold Point, you do not have to worry about fraud or not getting a fair price. Every step of cleaning and evaluation takes place in front of you. You become a part of the process as Muthoot executives keep sharing the insights with you transparently, assuring your valuable asset is in the right hands.

Scientific Methods Used for Evaluation

If you are planning to exchange antique broken necklaces, unused earrings or other gold pieces for cash here’s something you should know. The dirt on these olden pieces may hamper the correct evaluation of gold, and you may end up getting a lesser price. At Muthoot Gold Point, your gold undergoes multilevel scientific cleaning and testing to reach the exact gold value, unlike local jewellers who use touchstone to get the approximate value of gold.

Muthoot Standards of Professionalism

At Muthoot Gold Point, you experience unique and highest standards of conduct laid down by Muthoot Pappachan Group over 134 years of business practices. Here’s how:

  • At a local shop, the melting cost is deducted just by the estimate, returning the value rounded off at the lowest number on the weighing scale. However, at Muthoot, your gold is weighed with utmost accuracy, and the value is given up to 3 decimal points, which adds significantly to the funds you wish to arrange. 
  • Local jewellers give you the lowest gold rate of the day to save on the price, but at Muthoot, you get a fair price as per the current market value of gold. 
  • Unorganised gold merchants do not offer invoices or transaction bills; at Muthoot, you always have an invoice in hand once the transaction is completed. 

Unique Doorstep Service

Muthoot Gold Point offers the country’s first and only mobile van service for customers to sell gold for cash at the doorstep. The mobile van is outfitted with all the scientific equipment to clean, check and evaluate your gold right at your doorstep. Simply make a call to Muthoot customer care, and they arrange the mobile van to reach you. 

Immediate Arrangement of Funds

Whether you want to fund your child’s education abroad to secure their future or arrange for funds for medical treatment, you can sell gold for cash and generate funds without undergoing any lengthy process of document verifications and approvals. At Muthoot Gold Point, the entire process of gold for cash takes less than an hour, with complete authenticity. 


At Muthoot Gold Point, you can sell gold for cash in just four easy steps! These include doorstep services, cleaning the gold with ultrasonic machines, getting the highest value by weighing with XRF machines for exact weight, and getting instant money! Talk to a Muthoot representative today to get the best value for your gold!

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