Most individuals prefer selling their old gold through a reputable buyer in the organised sector to get a higher value than they would get through a local jewellery store. In Tamil Nadu, Muthoot Gold Point is a Safe & Most Trusted buyer known to provide the right value for your gold following a 100% transparent process.

Sell Your Gold in Tamil Nadu For Instant Cash at Muthoot Gold Point

The leading gold buyer company, Muthoot Gold Point, allows you to sell your old gold and instantly avail of cash.

For fair and precise gold, we perform ultrasonic cleaning of gold jewellery and conduct a purity test. The steps in this process are completed in front of you. These steps are:

  • Visit the Muthoot Gold Point branch in Tamil Nadu and give your gold for valuation.
  • You will witness the process of removing dirt from gold with ultrasonic machines.
  • Your gold will be valued per the current market price based on weight and purity through advanced XRF machines.
  • You can get instant cash of up to Rs.10,000 for your old Gold's selling. The amount higher than Rs.10,000 will be credited to your bank or NBFC account via NEFT/IMPS/RTGS for your convenience.

What Are Some Interesting Facts about Gold in Tamil Nadu?

  • Tamil residents have historically been specialists in fine gold jewellery.
  • A large population invests in gold in southern cities more than others, as gold is cheaper in southern states than in the north and the west.
  • The gold rate in Tamil Nadu and other states of India keeps fluctuating. It depends on the trends in the market. Knowing this gold fact, you can get the best value for your gold at the current market rate with the best gold buyers in Tamil Nadu.

What is the Purity Checking Process of GoldPoint in Tamil Nadu?

Muthoot Gold Point is different from traditional jewellers in completing the gold cleaning, valuation and melting process. They offer free gold purity testing to their customers, where the sellers witness the entire process.

While local jewellers use a touchstone to value your gold, Muthoot Gold Point uses multiple scientific methods for accurate gold valuation. They clean the gold using advanced purity test machines so that the customers can enjoy the highest value. 'These methods are important for overall valuation with the highest accuracy because how your gold is cleaned impacts your gold value.

What are the Documents Required for Selling Gold in Tamil Nadu?

To legally sell your gold and get the best value for your old gold at Muthoot Gold Point, you need to carry a few documents.

  • ID Proof: Your PAN Card/Driving licence/Passport/Voter ID/Voter's ID/ Aadhaar Card can be submitted as ID proof.
  • Address Proof: You can furnish your Driving Licence, Passport as proof of address.

Consumers are also requested to carry the invoice or bill of the gold jewellery. However, it is not mandatory.

Why Should You Choose Muthoot Gold Point to Sell Gold in Tamil Nadu?

  • 1. Real-time Valuation: Gold prices keep fluctuating as there are many factors influencing Gold Prices. You can initiate the process online to sell your gold as per the current value and need not miss out on the best gold price in Tamil Nadu.
  • 2. Benefit With High Valuation: Muthoot Gold Point uses scientific testing ways for cleaning and melting your Gold, unlike local jewellers. Their weighing machines get an accurate weight. They use high-quality crucibles to ensure no particle of your Gold remains inside after melting. All factors help to increase your gold value.
  • Instant Cash: You can get the best old gold jewellery value in Tamil Nadu at Muthoot Gold Point. It can help you to get timely payment to meet your urgent financial obligations. You can take up to Rs.10,000 in cash, the amount higher than Rs. 10,000 will be transferred to your account directly.

What are the things to consider before Selling gold in Tamil Nadu?

  • 1. Know the Worth of What You are Selling: Your gold valuables in Tamil Nadu may be more worthy than just a melt down. Visit your nearest Muthoot Gold Point branch to get an adequate assessment of your gold.
  • 2. Weigh Down Different Karats Separately: You may have old gold of different fineness. Ensure that you weigh your gold jewellery of different karat separately and get a higher value for the one with higher purity.
  • 3. Value the precious stones in your jewellery: If your gold jewellery has precious stones, you should also know the value of the gems.
  • 4. Know the best time for selling gold: If you want to sell your old gold in Tamil Nadu, know the best time and sell to get the highest value. Gold remains in demand with a rising value graph when the economy is good. You can know if it is worth holding your gold for a high valuation.

Ensure that every particle of your precious metal gives you the best value. Take advantage of scientific methodology to weigh old gold and its purity. Visit your nearest Muthoot Gold Point branch for the best gold selling experience and value.

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The Muthoot Pappachan Group, with a reputation that has been shaped over decades with high quality practices, total customer satisfaction and steady growth, spanning decades in the field of business, is a legacy built on God-given values of trust, truth, transparency and tradition and has become one of the top business houses today by the grace of God.

More then 4,200 Branches across India

Over 4,200 Branches across India

132 + years of Legacy

133+ years of legacy

Over 24,000 Employees Serving Millions of Customer

Over 24,000 employees serving millions of customer

Walk in of over 1,00,000 Customers Per Day

Walk in of over 1,00,000 customers per day

Sachi Jonega Testimonials on Muthoot Gold Point

My mother and I have sold some very old gold over the past few months to three different organizations. One was a branch of an old established famous Jeweller in Mumbai while two were only buyers of gold. Of these, our experience with Muthoot Gold Point has been by far the best. We were impress.. மேலும் படிக்க


Vijay Sharma Testimonial on Muthoot Gold Point

நான் எனது வீட்டின் கட்டுமானத்துக்குத் தேவையான பணத்துக்காக -எனது காண்ட்ராக்டர் எங்களை ஏமாற்றி இருந்தார் - சில நகைகளை விற்க விரும்பினேன். ஒரு அரசுப் பேருந்தில் எம். பி.ஜி -யின் விளம்பரத்தைப் பார்த்த நான், அதிகமான தேவையுடன் இருந்ததால் அவர்களைச் சந்திக்க முடிவு செய்தேன். இதற்கு முன்னர் தங்கத்தை விற்பன.. மேலும் படிக்க


Shri Narayan Testimonials on Muthoot Gold Point

முத்தூட் கோல்டு பாயிண்ட்டை என்னால் எப்போதும் மறக்க முடியாது. சரியான நேரத்தில் எம்.பி.ஜி -யைப் பற்றி எனக்குத் தெரியாமல் போயிருந்தால், நான் எல்லாவற்றையும் இழந்திருப்பேன். குடும்பம் மற்றும் வியாபாரத்தில், உங்களுக்குப் பணம் மிகவும் தேவையாக இருக்கும் பொழுது, அது தட்டுப்பாடாக இருக்கிறது. அது போன்ற நேரங்.. மேலும் படிக்க


நான் என்னுடைய மூத்த மகனின் கடைசி வருட பொறியியல் கல்லூரி கட்டணத்தைக் கட்ட வேண்டி இருந்தது, என்னிடம் போதுமான அளவு பணம் இல்லை. நாங்கள் பல வருடங்களாக சேர்த்து வைத்திருந்த வெள்ளி நாணயங்கள், மற்றும் தங்க நகைகளை விற்பனை செய்யுமாறு என்னுடைய மனைவி என்னிடம் கூறினார். நான் சில உள்ளூர் கடைகளுக்கு சென்ற பின்னர.. மேலும் படிக்க

விஜய் ஷர்மா

Amar Singh Testimonial on Muthoot Gold Point

என்னுடைய அப்பாவுக்கு அவசரமாக பை-பாஸ் சிகிச்சை செய்ய வேண்டியிருந்த போது, நான் உடனே அனைத்து நகைகளையும் எடுத்துக் கொண்டு எம்.பி.ஜி -க்கு சென்றேன். நான் ஏற்கனவே அவர்களிடம் பரிவர்த்தனை செய்துள்ளேன். நான் அவர்களிடம் முதன் முறையாகக் கடன் பெற்றது, நான்கு வருடங்களுக்கு முன்னர் என்னுடைய அழகு நிலையத்தைத் தொட.. மேலும் படிக்க

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