Tips to Remember Before Buying Gold Online

In the present era, most people prefer shopping online, and some prefer shopping the conventional way. The prices of gold keep increasing daily. For instance, the price of gold price today in Coimbatore is R. 48 175 for 10 grams of 24k gold. This increase in prices serves as a valuable asset to investors. Both these methods of shopping have their pros and cons. However, as gold buyers online are increasing, one must carefully follow the steps of shopping for gold online.

Here are a few instructions to be kept in mind while buying gold online:

1. The legality of the website:

The buyer must check if the website is legal. In the present tech world, it cannot be known whether one is running a fraud website or a legal website. Therefore, before purchasing gold online, one must see that the website they are using is legal and is not indulgent in any fraudulent practices. Preferably, a buyer must choose to buy gold from well-reputed websites only. On these websites, the buyer can view the reviews of other buyers.

2. Purity of Gold:

Gold buyers online must check the purity of gold before buying them. Pure gold is referred to as that which is made up of the appropriate amount of carat. Gold is available in varied carats such as 14, 18, 22, and 24 carats. The 24-carat gold is the purest. Some gold jewellery is made by mixing alloys. Alloys like silver, copper, and nickel might be used. Hence, one must check for the purity of gold before buying by looking for the “K” symbol or the CARAT.

3. Hallmark Certification:

One must check if the gold they are buying possesses a hallmark certification. The gold chosen by the buyer must have the hallmark on it. In case it is absent, the gold is considered impure or unreliable. The Bureau of Indian Standards provides the certification of hallmark only after ascertaining all the properties of the gold. Therefore, one must check for the hallmark symbol before buying from online websites.

4. Return Policy:

Before purchasing gold online, the buyer must check if the website has a return policy. One must never buy from a website that does not have a return policy. Most gold chains online have return policies these days. This enables the buyer to return the gold if they find it faulty or do not like it. The return policy in these gold websites is not like the ones in other websites where everyday items are sold. Therefore, one must read the terms and conditions of the return policy before purchasing gold online. The period for returning gold items must also be checked.

5. Weight and Charges Input:

The buyer must check the making charges, weight, price of stone in case of jewellery, and craftsmanship before purchasing gold online. All legal gold sellers mention the weight of the gold, making charges, rate per gram, and hallmark without fail. The buyer must calculate the rate per gram and then the actual price payable for the number of grams bought and check if they match.

5. Try at Home Option:

Gold buyers online must check if the website has a try-at-home option. This way, the buyer is allowed to check the physical appearance of the gold. The gold might look different online and different in person. Therefore, it is preferable to check the gold before buying. This also enables the buyer to inspect the hallmark and purity labels of the gold. Most reputed websites provide the customers with try-at-home options to help the buyer make the best choice.

6. Repair:

The buyer must check the repair policies of the website. If the gold jewellery breaks or the polish fades, the seller must allow repairing and polishing facilities too. Hence, the buyer must check the repairing policies on the website.

7. Bill:

One must ensure that they receive the bill on the purchase. A bill is the legal proof of the purity and the weight of the gold purchased. It also serves in the return process. The bill helps in making the purchase transparent.

Most people in the present era do not hesitate to buy gold online. However, one must be careful in this process and pay attention to the points mentioned above. Online shopping of gold is easy and lucrative as well due to the increase in price.


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