Important Things Everyone Must Know Before Selling Gold 

You may have unwanted gold jewellery that you can sell to meet your financial requirements. However, getting a fair gold sell price is not always easy. You must be aware of the market condition, the value of your gold, and find the right gold buyer to the best gold sell price.

Here are the crucial things you must know before selling your gold for cash:

• 1. Consider the best time to sell 

Before selling your gold for cash, it is imperative to consider the state of the economy. For instance, when the demand for gold shoots up, the prices will also increase. So, if you can predict harder times, it would be wise to wait for the gold sell prices to rise and then sell your gold ornaments.

Further, the selling gold jewellery rate rises during the wedding and festive seasons because of the increase in demand. You can use such opportunities to sell your gold for cash.

•2.  Determine the cost of your jewellery

Before selling your gold ornaments, you must find out how much you can get by selling them. Find a reputed gold buyer to get the best gold jewellery prices. Also, you will have to ensure that your gold items are weighted and hallmarked before giving them for cash. The benefit of knowing the exact weight and purity of your gold in karat is that you can negotiate to get the best online gold rate. Visit Muthoot Gold Point to get a gold rate that matches the current market rates.

• 3. Check for purity level

Another crucial factor you need to be mindful of is making sure to check your gold for purity. A reliable way to certify the purity of your gold is through the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) hallmarking procedure. A 22-carat gold that bears a hallmark of 916 indicates 91.6% purity. It means that every 100 grams of your 22-carat gold contains 91.6 grams of pure gold content.

You can visit Muthoot Gold Point to get your gold evaluated. Your gold jewellery is cleaned through an ultrasonic machine to remove the dirt. The value, weight, and purity of your gold are determined on the XRF machine. After that, you can get a price equivalent to the current market price. The best part is that this process is done in front of you.

• 4. Find a trustworthy and reputable gold buyer

It is imperative to find a trustworthy and reputable gold buyer to sell your gold items. You must ensure that your gold buyer has the license or certification to buy gold. When you visit a gold dealer, ask for their credentials or documents providing their legitimacy, or you can check for online reviews and testimonials that offer great insight into their reputation.

You can trust Muthoot Gold Point to get the best price for your gold. It is one of the best buyers in India that ensures transparency in the process of converting gold into cash.

• 5. Decide the final price

To offer you a fair market price, your gold buyer will melt your unwanted gold jewellery in an induction furnace to separate the gold content from impurities. The final gold jewellery price is determined based on the purity of gold and its weight. Keep in mind that the process of separating impurities can cost a nominal fee which adds to your final gold jewellery price.

The best way to sell your gold for cash is to find an authorized gold dealer in the market. If you go through Muthoot Gold Point, gold gets processed through advanced testing methods right in front of you. It enables you to get a price that matches the current market prices.

• 6. Where to sell

It can be a daunting task to find the best place to sell gold. But, it is crucial to find one. While looking for gold buyers, make sure to find a reputed and authorized gold buyer in the market to get a fair price for your gold jewellery. A golden piece of advice would be to opt for Muthoot Gold Point that offers a rate based on the current market rates. You can get up to Rs. 10,000/- as cash, and if higher, it would instantly be transferred to your bank account.

Make sure that you carry your gold purchase invoice while going for the old gold sale to Muthoot Gold Point. Having an invoice bill eliminates any conflict about the weight and authenticity of the gold’s purity.


Selling your unwanted gold jewellery is the best way to secure funds for unexpected expenses like medical emergencies, education, weddings, etc. However, you must keep in mind the above-said points to make an informed decision while giving your gold for cash.

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