Make Significant Profit From Selling Old Gold 

Gold is one of the valuable metals in India. It is a popular option to access funds during financial crises. Selling gold for cash is a common practice among Indian households. People buy gold or gift it at weddings with an investment purpose. With the online gold rate remaining at an all-time high, it would be wise to sell the unwanted gold lying idle at home and avail much-needed funds easily.

The gold jewellery price today in India indicates that it is the right time for sellers to hand over their gold items, such as gold jewellery, coins, bars, etc to reputed gold dealers to get a good price. We have prepared a list of things to be mindful of before selling your precious gold in return for funds.

1. Do a proper evaluation of your gold

The gold price that one can receive depends on the weight and purity of the gold. Before giving your gold to a gold buyer in the market, it would be wise to find your gold’s worth in terms of weight.

A golden piece of advice would be to visit a Muthoot Gold Point branch in your locality and establish the weight of your gold jewellery along with its level of purity. Ensure that your gold items are hallmarked, as it eliminates any conflicts concerning the authenticity of the weight. If it is not hallmarked, visit a BIS hallmarking centre to certify the purity of your gold items.

2. Explore your options

Do not rush to sell your gold jewellery to the first buyer in the market. Shop around and find a gold buyer that is certified and known for providing fair market prices. Ensure that your buyer provides a seamless selling experience so that you can quickly sell your gold jewellery for cash.

You can choose to sell your gold through Muthoot Gold Point, best known for providing a fair market price. The best part about Muthoot Gold Point is that there is the assurance of transparency in the process of gold for cash. You also get:

  • Advance testing methods that ensure accurate results.
  • Getting the gold rates as per the current market rates.
  • Quicker process, instant payment, and enhance customer experience.

3. Set a fair and realistic expectation

While visiting the gold market, keep your expectations realistic. You cannot hope to get more than the current market price set by the gold association in your state. It is best to visit a reputed and authorised gold buyer to get the right price for your gold. Keep in mind that the gold rate depends on several factors, such as the purity of the gold, gold weight, taxes, etc.

A golden piece of advice would be to establish the authenticity of your gold items through BIS hallmarking. This way, you know exactly how much you can get based on the market trends.

4. Exciting benefits of cash for gold

With the high gold jewellery prices, selling your unwanted gold items can help you meet your financial requirements. For instance, you can sell your gold jewellery to cover the cost of a medical emergency, wedding, education, travel, home renovation, etc.

So, if you have a bracelet or necklace that you wish to sell, consider selling it to Muthoot Gold Point and get the best Muthoot gold rate today.

5. Protect yourself from scammers

With the online gold rate gaining momentum, scammers are targeting sellers by presenting themselves as genuine gold buying companies, but they indulge in fraudulent activities. They can lure you in by offering gold rates too good to be true, but eventually, you end up getting less than you deserve.

So, when you visit the gold market, make sure to opt for an authorised and reputed gold buying company, such as Muthoot Gold Point, to sell your gold jewellery. Before selling your gold, look for credentials and documents proving their credibility.

6. Find a reliable place to sell your old gold

After doing a credible evaluation of your gold, invest your efforts in finding the best place to sell gold. Ensure that your gold buyer has a license in buying gold. This way, you can ensure to get the best price for your gold.

If you have the purchase invoice of your gold items, you can visit one of Muthoot Gold Point’s branches to turn your gold items into liquid cash. The process of determining a fair price based on your gold items is transparent and hassle-free.

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