Reasons why you should sell your gold for cash

Over the decades, the love for gold has grown, and it is known to be the most trusted and valuable commodity. You can sell gold online when you need quick money. If you have gold ornaments to sell, you can open any browser and search “sell gold near me”, and the list of the nearest gold points will be visible to you. Unlike earlier times, you can get the real value of your gold as you have an option to sell to an official store, where the value of your old gold jewellery will be evaluated with complete transparency of the process.

Top 5 reasons to sell your gold for cash

People love to buy gold, either as a commodity or in the form of jewellery. But at times, you would want or might need to sell gold for cash. Here is a list of five reasons that will help you understand when and why you should consider selling gold jewellery.

1. Urgent requirement of money:

Gold is among the most valuable commodities with massive demand, and raising capital is one of the most common reasons people sell gold in their possession. Selling gold jewellery is secure, and if you have any unwanted jewellery, then best to sell your gold for cash and use the money for whatever reason you need it. You can reach out to any Muthoot Gold Point outlet near you or call Muthoot Gold Point Van at your doorstep if you reside in Mumbai & Bangalore to get the best deal for your gold. Once sold, you will get cash of up to Rs. 10,000 in hand and rest via NEFT/RTGS that you can use for any urgent requirements. So, if there are little or no emotions connected with your gold ornament, it is better to sell it to raise the capital and fulfil your requirements. It is better than taking a personal loan that has a hefty interest rate and would potentially hit hard on your monthly finances.

2. Pay off credit card or utility bills:

At times, you might be stuck in a loop of paying too much interest on your credit card loans. It can happen due to an uncertain delay in cash flow or an unexpected expense. The dues with interest can build pressure on your budget and lifestyle, and it can become tough for you to repay. So, to clear off your debt, you can sell gold for cash quickly. It is beneficial in case you are sure that you won’t have the much-needed cash flow to make repayments on time, as the piling interest will do no good for you.

3. Reinvest your profits:

The value of gold increases and decreases with the season, and many times you will get a chance to book the profits you have made in your gold investment. You can buy and sell gold online according to the market rates and reinvest your earnings in other stocks or commodities according to market conditions. It will help you boost the revenue you can generate and make more profits. It is an excellent option if you are actively working in stock related activities, and are well aware of the market movements.

4. Get cash in your hand:

One of the most prominent reasons people sell gold for money is to have some money in hand. At times, you might exhaust your savings due to unexpected expenses like your child’s education or wedding. In such cases, you must prepare yourself for urgent money requirements financially. Keeping the right amount of cash in hand gives you the liberty to pay for bills without restrictions. The money you get by selling gold jewellery can be used as an emergency fund, especially in case the jewellery is old. Most companies and local buyers deduct the value if your jewellery has turned scrap or is old. So, to get the correct value for your gold, you can visit Muthoot Gold Point outlet or book appointment of Muthoot Gold Point Van which is right now available only in Mumbai & Bangalore. After the transparent gold valuation process, you will get cash payment of upto Rs. 10,000 instantly. Amount higher than Rs. 10,000 is immediately transferred to your bank account via NEFT/RTGS.

5. The price of gold has increased:

Sometimes, the value of gold increases continuously, and it becomes clear that the amount you paid for the gold is too less in comparison to the current gold value. So, it is time for you to book your profit by selling gold jewellery, keeping the Gold Price Calculator in mind. Listen to the experts to make the right decision and if they advise you to sell gold, then do it. You can buy new gold jewellery once the market rates come down later. It is an excellent way to make money out of your assets without making many efforts.


Gold remains as one of the most trusted and in-demand commodities despite its high cost. But not all traders buy and sell gold for its actual value. You can visit your nearest gold point to get an accurate valuation for your gold jewellery and sell gold for cash instantly.

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