Benefits of Picking Muthoot Gold Point as Your Gold Buyer

During the stringent financial needs when emergency funds are not available, one resorts to encashing the assets, be it gold or property. While property takes time to convert into liquidity, it is quicker to generate the desired funds against gold, provided we know the current gold rate per gram.

While gold-selling is not difficult, it is crucial to reach the authentic buyer where you can get the genuine value for your hard-earned asset through a lifetime. Muthoot Gold Point is a flagship initiative of Muthoot Pappachan Group with 134 plus years of trust based on God-given human values.

Before you reach the nearest branch, let us take you through the benefits of picking Muthoot Gold Point as your gold buyer.

Quickly Accessible

Muthoot Gold Point offers 11 fully-equipped branches across India, where you can make an authenticated transaction. For Mumbai residents, the branch reaches at your door-step, thanks to the mobile van service.

Documentation Records

Unlike local gold buyers, Muthoot Gold Point offers a transparent invoice for every gold selling transaction you make. You can keep the records safe for future reference.

Transparent Cleaning

Your valuable gold ornaments are not taken out of your sight for cleaning. Muthoot’s highly trained and skilled gold executives clean the gold in your presence using ultrasonic machines and apprise you of the exact weight.

Value Retaining Testing

If the testing or melting of the gold is done using sub-standard crucibles, the gold particles are retained during the process. But at Muthoot Gold Point, your gold remains intact even after melting and provides an accurate gold rate per gram to you.

True Purity Evaluation

When you are selling a valuable asset, you want the evaluation be done in the most authentic manner. At Muthoot Gold Point, the gold purity is determined using advanced XRF machines, and the value is given up to 3 decimal points, without making a single milligram of gold futile.

While gold selling is a tough decision, the outcome of the decision proves to be extremely fruitful only at Muthoot Gold Point. The gold buyer is a unit of Muthoot Exim Pvt. Ltd., a trusted name for decades holding millions of happy customers to its credit.

Let us analyze how selling the gold to a trusted buyer like Muthoot Gold Point can help you manage emergency funding needs.

Healthcare Needs for Elderly

Your gold can come in handy of your parents or someone dear to you in the family is in emergency need of healthcare and you are short on funds. You can sell the gold at MGP to get the actual value to the last milligram. Once the medical need is met and your dear ones have regained their health, you can go back to working to earn and create more assets.

Child’s Higher Education Abroad

One of the important milestones in your child’s life is making a decision to move to a foreign land that offers better prospects. You can realise this dream for your child simply by utilising the asset at the right time.

Property Renovation for Rentals

If you have a property you can use to generate rental income, do not wait to get started with this profitable initiative in lack of funds. You can use your gold asset and sell at a trusted point like MGP to get the adequate value. Set up the property, make rental income and buy more gold!

Raising a Capital for Business

When a business opportunity strikes, you must make the best of it. It is important to fund your venture appropriately so you do not lose on the right chances at the right time. Put the gold lying in your lockers to the most practical use and propel your business to unprecedented heights.

Sustaining Without a Job

A job loss is an unfortunate event that can occur in anyone’s life without a prior warning. In such times when the savings are exhausted too and survival becomes a question, the safe resort is the gold that you earned and preserved for difficult times. Make sure you sell at one of the leading gold buyers like MGP to get the correct gold rate per gram.

Loan Consolidation

Too many loans and lesser repayment avenues can raise the stress to dangerous levels, causing health hazards. Gold comes to the rescue; you can reach an MGP branch and get the needed funds instantly to repay the loans and be stress-free immediately.

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A precious metal like gold proves to be a prudent investment, especially with the dynamic value appraisal happening over the years. Ensure you encash this asset at an avenue that ensures transparency and authenticity in the transactions. Just walk into a Muthoot Gold Point branch today and get the accurate gold rate per gram, along with the many other added benefits of your gold selling decision today.

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