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Introduction :

Muthoot Exim (P) Ltd., a subsidiary of the esteemed Muthoot Pappachan Group, operates Muthoot Gold Point, catering to the evolving needs of customers in the precious metal sector. Incorporating the core values of integrity, collaboration, and excellence, the Muthoot Pappachan Group, fondly referred to as Muthoot Blue has a rich heritage spanning over 137+ years. Rooted in the principles of trust and guided by the visionary teachings of its founder, Shri Pappachan Muthoot, the group is committed to empowering individuals across socio-economic strata in India.


Muthoot Gold Point stands out as the pioneering national-level organized sector player engaged in gold recycling, aligning with the Indian government’s vision for the gold industry. Offering customers a transparent and efficient platform, Muthoot Gold Point ensures a fair and precise process for selling old gold. With innovative initiatives like the Mobile van Muthoot Gold Point, which brings gold-buying services to customers’ doorsteps, the company prioritizes trust and customer satisfaction. 


General problems faced by customers while selling gold:


Getting less than expected:

When you buy gold, especially in the form of jewellery or other crafted items, you’re not just paying for the raw material itself. You’re also paying for the craftsmanship, design, and any associated branding or markups. These additional costs are typically referred to as the “premium” over the spot price of gold.


When you decide to sell gold, you’re likely to face a lower price than what you initially had.


  1. Buyers, whether they’re individuals or businesses, often operate with a spread. This is the difference between the buying price and the selling price. This spread allows them to cover their operational costs and make a profit. When you sell your gold, you’ll typically receive the lower end of this spread, which means you’ll get less than the current market price.


  1. Craftsmanship and Design: The premium you paid for craftsmanship, design, and any associated branding doesn’t typically hold its value when you sell the item. While you might appreciate the artistry and uniqueness of your jewellery, the buyer might not assign the same value to these aspects. They’re more likely to focus on the intrinsic value of the gold itself.


  1. Market Conditions: The price of gold fluctuates based on supply and demand dynamics, economic conditions, geopolitical factors, and investor sentiment. When you sell your gold, you’re subject to the prevailing market conditions. If the market price of gold has decreased since you purchased it, you’ll receive less money when you sell.


  1. Transaction Costs: There may be transaction costs associated with selling your gold in Thane, such as dealer fees, shipping costs, or other expenses. These costs further reduce the amount of money you’ll receive.


  1. Market fluctuations: Gold prices fluctuate, so the timing of your sale can significantly impact how much money you get.


Purity assessment

To ensure your gold’s purity, you may need to pay for an assessment, which could cost you. Some dishonest buyers might try to deceive you by undervaluing the purity of your gold. Getting your gold tested helps you know its true value and protects you from being cheated. It’s essential to choose reputable assessors or buyers to ensure a fair deal. 


Selling broken or damaged jewellery: 

When selling broken or damaged jewellery, expect to receive a lower price per gram. Buyers typically pay less for damaged pieces due to the cost of repairing or refining them. The value of the item may be further reduced if the damage affects its overall appearance or if it requires extensive repairs. 


How Muthoot Gold Point is solving these problems:





  • Valuation of Your Gold: Multilevel Scientific Testing for Exact Gold Value. This involves advanced techniques such as X-ray fluorescence and spectrometry to determine the precise purity and quality of the gold. By employing these methods, Muthoot Gold Point ensures transparency and reliability in valuing customers’ gold assets. This meticulous approach instills confidence in customers, facilitating smoother transactions and fostering trust in Muthoot Gold Point’s services. Ultimately, it streamlines the gold-selling process, offering convenience and peace of mind to customers.

  • Cleaning of your gold: Cleans the gold with an ultrasonic machine to get an accurate weight. Muthoot Gold Point utilizes ultrasonic cleaning machines to ensure precise weight measurement of customers’ gold. This technology effectively removes dirt, oils, and other contaminants from the surface of the gold, enhancing accuracy in weight determination. By employing ultrasonic cleaning, Muthoot Gold Point guarantees a thorough and consistent process, minimizing discrepancies and maximizing transparency. Customers can trust that their gold is being accurately assessed, leading to a smoother and more reliable selling experience. This attention to detail underscores Muthoot Gold Point’s commitment to providing trustworthy and efficient services to its customers.

  • Weighing your gold: Takes up to 3 decimal points (per gram) that are shown on the weighing scale. Muthoot Gold Point ensures precision in weighing customers’ gold by utilizing scales capable of measuring up to three decimal points per gram. This meticulous approach allows for accurate determination of the gold’s weight, minimizing any potential errors or discrepancies. By incorporating advanced weighing technology, Muthoot Gold Point guarantees transparency and reliability in its gold valuation process. Customers can have confidence that they are receiving fair and precise assessments of their gold assets. This commitment to accuracy enhances trust and satisfaction among customers, reinforcing Muthoot’s Gold Point’s reputation as a dependable provider of gold-related services.

  • Gold rate: Uses the current market rate. Muthoot Gold Point stays up-to-date with the latest market trends and utilizes the current market rate to determine the value of gold. By integrating real-time data into their valuation process, we ensure that customers receive fair and competitive prices for their gold. This approach reflects transparency and integrity in their dealings, as customers can trust that they are getting an accurate assessment based on prevailing market conditions. Moreover, using the current rate allows for flexibility and responsiveness to fluctuations in gold prices, providing customers with the most favourable outcomes for their transactions. This commitment to market-driven pricing enhances trust and satisfaction among customers, establishing Muthoot Gold Point as a reliable partner in gold transactions.

  • Melting of your Gold: Muthoot Gold Point employs high-quality crucibles in the melting process, By melting gold, it gets mixed homogeneously, which can increase the value of the gold by removing impurities and ensuring uniformity, which leads to a higher market value when selling the gold. No gold residue is retained after melting. These crucibles are designed to withstand high temperatures and maintain purity, guaranteeing the integrity of the gold throughout the melting process. By using such crucibles, we minimize any loss or contamination of the gold, preserving its value for customers. This meticulous approach underscores Muthoot Gold Point’s commitment to providing accurate and reliable gold melting services. Customers can trust that their gold is handled with the utmost care and professionalism, leading to enhanced satisfaction and confidence in Muthoot Gold Point’s services.

  • Mode of payment: Muthoot Gold Point offers flexible payment options tailored to customer preferences. Cash payments of up to Rs 10,000 are provided instantly, ensuring convenience for smaller transactions. For larger amounts exceeding Rs 10,000, Muthoot promptly transfers funds directly to the customer’s bank account via secure electronic methods like NEFT, IMPS, or RTGS. Additionally, purchase receipts detailing the transaction are consistently shared with customers, ensuring transparency and documentation for their records. This approach reflects Muthoot’s commitment to facilitating seamless and transparent transactions while prioritizing customer satisfaction and security.


Conclusion: Muthoot Gold Point, a subsidiary of the esteemed Muthoot Pappachan Group, revolutionizes the gold-selling experience by addressing common challenges faced by customers in the local gold market. With a focus on integrity, transparency, and efficiency, Muthoot Gold Point employs rigorous processes to ensure a fair and accurate valuation of customers’ gold assets. From multilevel scientific testing to precise weighing and transparent payment methods, every step of the process is conducted with the utmost care and professionalism. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and trust, Muthoot Gold Point sets a new standard in the gold recycling industry.




  1. How does Muthoot Gold Point ensure the accuracy of gold valuation?
  1. Muthoot Gold Point employs advanced techniques such as X-ray fluorescence (XRF) for multilevel scientific testing, ensuring precise assessment of gold purity and quality.


  1. What payment options does Muthoot Gold Point offer?
  1. Muthoot Gold Point provides cash payments for transactions up to Rs 10,000 and facilitates instant bank transfers via NEFT, IMPS, or RTGS for larger amounts exceeding Rs 10,000.


  1. Can I sell broken or damaged jewellery at Muthoot Gold Point?
  1. Yes, Muthoot Gold Point accepts broken or damaged jewellery for sale. price per gram will be the same as per the purity of gold. We may add bills as proof of the ownership of ornaments.


  1. How does Muthoot Gold Point ensure transparency in the selling process?
  1. The entire gold selling process happens in front of the customer, from valuation to payment. Additionally, an invoice detailing the transaction is shared with the customer for transparency and documentation purposes.


  1. Is there a cost for purity assessment?
  1. Muthoot Gold Point conducts purity assessments as part of its service and does not charge customers separately for them. This ensures a fair and accurate valuation of gold assets.


  1. Can I sell my gold online through Muthoot Gold Point?
  1. While Muthoot Gold Point primarily operates through physical locations, innovative initiatives like the Mobile Muthoot Gold Point bring gold-buying services in Bangalore to customers’ doorsteps, ensuring convenience and accessibility.


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