How Safe is Gold in Uncertain Times?

How Safe is Gold in Uncertain Times?

Investment markets have a wide range of options for you, the most common being gold and stocks. Stock markets tend to be the most volatile and profit-worthy choice but involve higher risks, due to which investors look out for safer investment options. Historically, gold has been considered a safer investment that is during uncertainties. 

As we can never accurately predict market fluctuations, investing in gold is a safe option. For a long time, gold has been seen as an investment. Our elders told us about the value of gold and how it is a lifelong investment. Let’s learn more about gold and the benefits of investing in it.

1. Safe harbour in a financial storm

Gold is an investment that can be used in times of crisis without any penalty charge. You can sell gold with a trusted buyer like us and get a fair price. Gold buyers follow the below process to give money in exchange for your gold.

  • Using Ultrasonic machines 

Gold buyers clean the gold using these machines to get its accurate weight.

  • Weighing the Gold

Your gold ornament is weighed in front of your to give your full transparency

  • Current Gold rate in the Market

According to the gold rate, you will get the cash amount for your gold

Note – If the gold value exceeds Rs 10,000, the money will be transferred to the bank account.

Selling gold is less of a hassle than selling stocks. So if faced with a financial crisis, you don’t have to worry about the cash flow as you can sell your gold in a few easy steps and get the money to meet your requirements.

2. Investment track record

When we see gold as an investment, it has a steady and secure return record. There’s not much change in the gold return rate, and we can track the same online without hassle. Plus, gold selling is easy with gold buyers like us. 

The gold calculator used by Muthoot Gold Point helps you get the 100% value of your gold. We consider three factors while determining the price of gold.

  • The purity of the gold 

Do you know pure gold is not used in making jewellery? There are 14K, 18K, 22K and 24K gold purity standards. 

  • The weight of gold 

Gold prices are based on their weight, so the more your gold weighs, the more you will get in return.

  • Gold Rate in the city

Gold rates vary based on the city you live in, so know the current gold rate when you sell or buy gold.  

Using the above data, the gold calculator multiplies the weight of the gold in grams by the prevailing gold rate per gram. 

3. Investment parity

Our investment portfolio is filled with different avenues, and gold adds a secure investment park. With this, we have our risked and safe investments equal. So in case of an emergency, you don’t need to liquidate your equity. You can rely on your gold investment. Selling gold is not much of a hassle, and we can do it for you with our transparent procedure. 

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4. A Haven for Investors

Gold is a haven for investors – the rates are steady, and the market is less volatile, so there is not much risk involved. And we can keep this investment in a physical form such as gold jewellery, bricks, biscuits and coins. Plus, we can store our physical gold in the bank or a locker at our house.   

5. The right time to buy

Keeping an eye on the market helps you know when it’s the right time to invest in gold. It will help if you purchase gold when the rates are low. This way, you can buy more gold and later sell them to get more from them when the rates are high. And when you decide to sell your gold, you can always reach out to us. We provide the best price for your gold with a transparent process and cash in hand. 

To conclude, investing in gold is definitely a safer option. By selling it at the right time, you can get high returns. Apart from this, you need to consider the weight, purity and rate of gold in your city to get the best returns. Remember, you can reach out to Muthoot Gold Point if you ever need to sell your gold. Our process is transparent, and we ensure that your gold is valued with good returns.

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